Why More Northerners Moving to Florida? Here are Some Signs Tampa Might Be Right for You

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  • 12/10/20
Why More Northerners Moving to Florida? Here are Some Signs Tampa Might Be Right for You
There is no doubt that more northerners are moving to Florida every year, but the pandemic has certainly sped things up a bit. In the last year, Florida’s population grew by around 340,000 putting the state population over 22 million. Why the jump in Florida home sales since the pandemic?
The answer lies in the fact that many companies are moving to all employees working on a remote basis. When you can work from anywhere, you no longer have to factor in time to find a new job in a new location. It cuts down on moving costs, time, and hassle. Many people want to retire to Florida because of the warmer weather, but working remotely allows you to live wherever you please, right now.
A lot of people want to move out of their townhomes, condos, and apartments and upgrade to a home large enough to make social distancing easier. Many Tampa area homes are large properties with pools and other amenities that make quarantining a lot more enjoyable. When you are already in the market for a home and have no location restrictions, moving to the South where you plan to retire makes sense.
Florida’s warmer climate is also a pandemic perk because it means that you can enjoy outdoor entertainment and activities year-round. Outdoor activities and events that make it easier to social distance are preferred, so if you live in Florida you’ll have a much more enjoyable winter.
Another reason people love Florida is the lower taxes residents enjoy. Florida residents do not pay any state income or estate taxes. The homestead exemption also gives you a tax break on up to $50,000 of the value of your primary residence.
Could moving to Florida be right for you? Here are a few signs:
  • You dislike driving in the snow.
  • Winter weather makes your joints ache.
  • You love the beaches, golf, boating, and fishing.
  • You love professional sports. (Tampa has an active sports scene.)
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