Essential Curb Appeal Tips for Sellers

Essential Curb Appeal Tips for Sellers

  • 360 Realty
  • 06/15/21

Essential Curb Appeal Tips for Sellers
Tampa’s listings and sales have been in full swing this month. Today, we’ll offer some curb appeal tips that can sell your home faster if you’re considering listing your home soon. 

Curb Appeal 101

  • It’s no secret that making a good first impression is very important. There are hundreds of homes to look at online. Which ones will a buyer click on?
  • Once a buyer thumbs through the list and dives deeper into the pictures of the homes that look stunning on the outside, they might make a list of houses that they want to see with their agent.
  • The chances are that the ones they’ll decide to visit are the homes that wowed them with immaculate yards, beautiful landscaping, and updated exterior features.
  • So how can you make sure that your home stands out above the rest?

Keep Your Lawn Immaculate

Ensure that the lawn is mowed, edges are trimmed, hedges are tidy and even, and trees are pruned. Remove any clutter around the yard, including kids’ toys, hoses, and more. 

Splurge on New Landscaping

If you don’t have any landscaping around the house, now is a good time to install some. You can DIY or hire an expert. 
Most people love to see colorful flowers or healthy, green plants around the house, set into colorful mulch that complements the colors of your house. You’d be amazed at how much this adds to curb appeal, especially when buyers skim through homes online!

Make Sure Your House’s Exterior Looks New

Whatever your home’s exterior is made from, it should look fresh and new. That includes any gutters or trim. Don’t forget about the roof, either! 

Make Your Entryway Inviting

Paint or update your front door. Consider hanging a beautiful wreath, updating the knocker (if you have one), or putting in an attractive doorbell. 
Many people love seeing a front porch or entry that features potted flowers evenly spaced on either side of the door or by the steps/sidewalk. If you’re a fan of topiary trees, they’re a unique, excellent choice of greenery to place on either side of your door. 

Update Your Outdoor Lighting

This is the perfect time to install new lamp posts or other kinds of outdoor lighting. Solar lighting that runs along the side(s) of the sidewalk or landscaping is a great way to add to the curb appeal, especially if a potential buyer does a nighttime drive-by. 

Curb Appeal Is Essential

Great curb appeal is essential, as it can impact how quickly your home sells and the selling price. For more great tips on selling your home for the best price possible, turn to the experts at 360 Realty.

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