Growing Family? Look for These Features in Your New Home

Growing Family? Look for These Features in Your New Home

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  • 12/7/21
A couple just starting out these days usually starts with an apartment. But as soon as you are expecting your first child, all of that will change. You’ll start thinking about tire swings and lazy afternoons on the lawn, and you’ll start wanting your first home.
It’s easy to think as a small family you only need a small home, but why not put down more permanent roots? Even if you decide to only stay in one place for an average of 10 to 15 years, your family is going to grow and change during that time. If you find a neighborhood and home you love, it is important that the home be adaptable to your needs. 
Here are a few things you should look for:

Safe Yard (Ability to Fence, Off the Street, Etc.)

If you have children planned or on the way, you need to make sure your home has a safe yard. Not only does that mean you should be able to completely fence in at least a portion of your property, but you should also be able to do so on a part of the property that is not right on the street. A spacious backyard is best, but not possible in some more urban neighborhoods.

Unfinished Basement or Attic

Having an unfinished basement or attic in the home gives the opportunity for your home to grow along with your family without increasing your initial investment. An unfinished basement or dormer attic won’t cost much more than the average foundation and attic space, and they can be finished out and remodeled as the need arises.

Fantastic Schools and Colleges

You know you want to make sure your young children are in a good school district or have access to affordable private schools. But have you considered area colleges? The costs of education have begun to drop, but the changes are slow and subtle. It is much more practical for students to spend at least their first two years of higher learning at home, both financially and academically. Tampa has some amazing colleges and universities within easy commute distance from almost any neighborhood.
Not sure what you and your family might need now or in the future? It’s our job to present the best solutions based on your lifestyle and future goals. Contact Us today to get started with a tailored list of showings.

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