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  • 10/4/21
Moving your business or an employee to a new home is an extensive, and often exhausting, process to complete., but relocation can help businesses cut costs and improve operations. 
Our professional relocation services will ease pressure from the relocation process. By handling the paperwork, legal considerations, marketing, and coordination involved in relocation, we’ll help you or your business get settled quickly.

Tax Portability in Florida

In Florida, you can transfer up to $500,000 of your accumulated tax savings to a new home when you relocate in the state. This benefit, which comes from Florida’s Save Our Homes provision, can ease the burden of relocating to a new Florida home. 
It can be tricky to know when and if you qualify for portability, but no one should miss out on the opportunity to save with this benefit. We’ll work with you to determine your eligibility for portability and help you out with the required paperwork when you relocate within Florida.

Tampa Schools

Tampa is home to top-quality schools. The city has over 100 public schools and over 200 private schools, providing a wide array of options for parents looking to relocate. What’s more, 18 Tampa high schools are included in the best high schools rankings from U.S. News & World Report.
Children’s education is of critical importance whenever people make a move, and it’s a big consideration in relocation. Our esteemed real estate agents have statistics and local insights on every school district in Tampa. We’ll work to find a location that fulfills your child’s need for an outstanding education. 
We have the expertise to secure a seamless and efficient relocation for you or your business. Contact us today to learn more about our relocation services. 

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