Finding a Home To Accommodate a Mother-In-Law Apartment

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  • 11/10/20
Finding a Home To Accommodate a Mother-In-Law Apartment
Is your household growing with the addition of your mother or mother-in-law? Responsible children always take care of their parents when they can, but you don’t necessarily want to live with Mom. The best way for your mom to maintain her independence and you maintain your lifestyle is to choose a home that accommodates a mother-in-law apartment.
A home doesn’t have to have an attached apartment ready to go to be a good candidate for such an arrangement. You can easily convert parts of the home to meet your needs. A mother-in-law suite can be created by joining two rooms to create a sitting room and bedroom with at least a half bath added. You can also create a complete apartment with separate sleeping and living areas, a functionally equipped kitchen, and a three-quarter or full bath from an insulated attic, finished basement, two-plus car garage, or other outbuildings.
Even if you don’t have enough space or remodeling ability to create an actual apartment, you can give your mother her own space with her own bathroom and a small kitchenette. It allows her to take care of herself while still being part of the household. Even though it is tempting to take it for yourself, the master bedroom with adjoining bath is the perfect solution in this situation.
The best realtors can help you envision what you can do with a property instead of only seeing what is in front of you. Being able to determine just what would need to be done to make a property suitable for a separate apartment and what it would take to do the remodel are skills that you find with only the most exceptional real estate agents.
Does your family have unique needs that require creative solutions? Contact Us today to find the perfect solution for your household.

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